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When Dust Bunnies Attack

Never Let Yours Toes Peak Out of the Covers

23 June
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A Philosopher, A Painter, A Dreamer, all the other names are irrelevant.
I love hugs and holding hands.
I love talking for hours about nothing, a nothing which is extremely important. Most of my friends are insane and I like it that way.
I do not have one life's dream because one goal, no matter how big, is a limitation. If I could I would live my life a thousand times over; each time with a different dream. Sadly, I have just the one life; all I can do is attempt to respect all my passions as best I can. We all have different perspectives and unique voices. I am no different in that I see the world through my own pair of tinted shades. If there is one thread of commonality running through all my dreams it is to one day share my perspective and change the way others view the world. I want to break the ideals and stereotypes society and history have laid down. Abolish the following: Gender, Marriage, Beauty, Ugliness, Fat, Thin, Freak, Normal, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Relationships of any sort, social orders, and any organizations that tell you how to think or think they know how you think.