When Dust Bunnies Attack

Never Let Yours Toes Peak Out of the Covers

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Sexy sexy sexy obviously not in order
Helena Bonham Carter

Julie Brown

Fuchsia Foxxx

Evilyn Sin Claire

Fannie Beaverhausen

Mercury Troy

Jet Girl

Eszter Balla


Cyndi Lauper

Marilyn Monroe

Iris Adrian

Marion Martin

Randi Rascal and Harlequin


Ben Delacreme

Waxie Moon


The'Trojan Original

Alan Cumming

Steve Buscemi

Christopher Walken

can't make one of these with out Johnny Depp

Jean-Louis Barrault ... Jean-Baptiste

Marcel from Bel de Jour aka Pierre Clementi

Vince Noir & Howard Moon. I love them both: Deal with it.
not equally mind you...

Bernard L. Black aka Dylan Moran

Eric Idle

Eliot from Leverage but only when he is fighting... and best if he's wearing glasses. In combination he is what made me sit down and watch the show in the first place.

Hugh Jackman

Papa Lazarou

..... and Reece Shearsmith but separately.

Hugh Grant

David Bowie

Eddie Izzard

Tim Curry

Russell Brand

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You're trying to kill me with prettiness. I have some to add to that list in no order of significance from what I can manage to remember despite the distracting photos you have here.

Tom Baker
Alan Rickman
Jena Malone
PJ Harvey
Elle from La Roux
Neko Case
Tina Weymouth
Jenny Lewis
Carry Brownstein
Corin Tucker
Joan Jett

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